Paper and document shredding services in San Antonio are essential for not just your business, but also your customers. RW Lone Star offers paper shredding, mobile shredding, document shredding, as well as hard drive and media destruction. If you are in a business that has access to numerous documents with sensitive information, RW Lone Star can even come out to you regularly to make sure you’re always up to date when it comes to destroying documents that could put you or your clients at risk.

Paper Shredding San Antonio

San Antonio is home to more than just the famous River Walk – it is a popular place for up and coming businesses to call home. If you have access to sensitive information, you may be overwhelmed when trying to make sure you dispose of it in a legal, timely manner. Big or small, RW Lone Star can handle your paper shredding, and security needs to make sure that your business is compliant and your customers are safe from identity theft.

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Shredding Services San Antonio

Companies all over the world have learned the hard way that it is not just digital data you need to be worried about; security breaches often happen due to an employee throwing away a paper document that should have been shredded. Businesses and customers lose millions of dollars every year due to losses attributed to security breaches and identity theft. To ensure your employees know what to do with old documents, RW Lone Star offers secure containers that you can put materials in for us to shred on-site, or you can drop them off at your convenience.

Mobile Shredding San Antonio

It’s challenging to run a business in San Antonio without having to worry about disposing of sensitive information. RW Lone Star offers mobile shredding services on your schedule; you can choose daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly options, or at whatever interval you decide works best for you. RW Lone Star can handle large and small jobs with ease, so if you have a backroom to clean out or just a small number of employee badges and applications, we can help!

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Shredding Companies in San Antonio, TX

If your business is in a particularly vulnerable industry, such as health care, insurance, government, education, or hospitality, you will want to be especially careful to comply with local and federal laws regarding the handling and disposal of documents and other sensitive information. Mishandling important information could result in fines, lawsuits, and losing your license (when applicable). Protect yourself and your business by making sure you’re using best practices when it comes to document disposal.

Everything from applications to training material, to medical records, could be a considerable risk for a security breach, identity theft, or worse. Even things like old uniforms and employee badges should be disposed in a safe and lawful manner. For all of your document shredding and security needs, from paper to hard drive destruction and other materials, RW Lone Star is here for you – Call today!

If you have any shredding needs, whether it’s paper or something else, call RW Lone Star today!

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