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We are committed to providing secure paper shredding,
hard drive and media destruction, and reliable document management.

Paper Shredding Service

Our comprehensive document management systems cover these areas:

Drop Off Shredding

Sensitive data and information are not limited to paper or electronic media. There are many forms of proprietary information.

On-demand Shredding

Smaller businesses may not need regular shredding services, but instead, prefer to call RW Lone Star when they have enough documents to warrant a shredding service.

Hard Drive Destruction

Many businesses don't realize that deleted information on hard drives can be recovered if the hard drive itself is not destroyed.

Specialty Shredding

Sensitive data and information are not limited to paper or electronic media. There are many forms of proprietary information.

Physical Storage

We provide secure collection carts and consoles for your organization to store documents or devices that contain sensitive information until you drop it off to us or we come to your location to properly and securely dispose of it.

Document Scanning

If you need a digital record of your documents, RW Lone Star offers document scanning services to keep your business up to date in the digital age.

Document Shredding

Industries Served


RW Lone Stars's shredding solutions and security services help automotive shops and dealerships handle everything from shredding confidential documents to destroying sensitive hard drives.


Government and public service agencies are especially vulnerable to data breaches, given that government offices have information on virtually every member of their community.


Hotels, like other industries that handle personal and financial information, are subject to data breaches that can cause long-term damage not only to customers but to the hotel's reputation as a whole.


Information breaches at hospitals and other healthcare clinics do happen, with devastating theft of not only patient information but also financial documents.


Because legal services require extremely confidential information from their clients in order to do their job effectively, the manner in which law firms process, store, and dispose of sensitive files is imperative


From elementary schools to financial aid offices to college and trade school administrators, every branch of education likely has confidential information in their offices.


Insurance companies are often targeted by hackers and identity thieves due to the amount of sensitive information that these companies have on file.

Real Estate

Whether it's your clients' or your real estate firm's confidential information, keeping sensitive information from prying eyes is of utmost importance.

Financial Services

Banks, loan companies, and other financial service businesses rely heavily on their reputations for security, trustworthiness, confidentiality, and integrity.

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Document Shredding FAQ

Yes you can. Every document that we shred is sent to a recycler where it will be bleached, pulped, and made into a re-useable product.

We address secure document destruction by providing you a locked container, free of charge, in which to place your confidential information. On a scheduled basis, our drivers will arrive at your business or residence and empty the contents of the container into one of our shredding trucks where each document is shredded before we leave your location.

Our guidelines, which are prescribed by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) include placing documents in a locked and secure container which are shredded on a routine and scheduled basis. Additionally, the service professionals who service the containers and do the shredding are background checked and drug tested.

Our document destruction policy for nonprofits are the same as for any private business or government entity that we service. Some nonprofits may qualify for discounted service.

The way we shred paper, it is not. All paper that we shred is sent to a competent recycler where it is eventually turned into products like cardboard and napkins. This process saves trees, water, and oil.

Shredding protects your most confidential information which, in the wrong hands, could lead to devastating personal or business loss. Shredding reduces such information to a state where it cannot be read or understood.