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Their team arrived promptly at our office and efficiently shredded a large volume of documents in no time. Their state-of-the-art shredding equipment ensured thorough destruction, giving us peace of mind regarding our sensitive information. RW Lone Star Shredding’s professionalism and attention to detail surpassed our expectations, making them our preferred choice for document destruction services.

– Kyle P.
Waco Business Owner

RW Lone Star is a veteran-owned security company, offering paper shredding, and document shredding, hard drive and media destruction, and many other services in Waco, TX. RW Lone Star will make sure your sensitive documents are safely destroyed and recycled so that you know that your company is staying legal, compliant, and safe.

Why Use RW Lone Star for Paper Shredding in Waco?

Why Our Waco Texas Clients Choose Us:

NAID AAA Certified
Locally Owned and 0perated

We Charge by the Container, not by Weight

For drop-off or off-site shredding, we charge by the number of Bankers (copy-paper) sized boxes we shred.

100% of the Paper We Shred Gets Recycled

All of our destroyed papers gets bailed and eventually bleached, pulped, and/or pulverized..

No Mileage Fees, Trip Fees, or Hidden Fees!

The only fee you pay is the per-container shredding fee and removal fee (if no elevator access)

Top Rated Shredding Company in Waco for 14+ Years

5 star service

We've tried other shredding companies but they are by far the best.

RW Lone Star has been a trusted vendor of our Waco based business for over 5 years. We’ve tried other shredding companies but they are by far the best. We use their off-site shredding service. They pickup every week on time every week and work with us if we need them to modify the schedule. They have excellent communication and costumer service and always work with our auditors to make sure that we are provided with the proper documentation. 

– Christa S.

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Paper Shredding Waco

RW Lone Star’s top priorities are compliance, integrity, and customer satisfaction. RW Lone Star is able to shred and destroy any documents or other items that could compromise your business or your customers’ privacy. If you experience data loss that  results in a security breach, you will lose the trust of your current customers and the business of new customers. At RW Lone Star we recycle any end products we are able to and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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Shredding Services Waco

Security breaches often happen because of employees mishandling paper documents due to negligence or improper training. Something as simple as a piece of paper being thrown in the trash instead of being shredded and destroyed can cost your business thousands of dollars, not to mention the risk to your customers due to identity theft. RW Lone Star has a drop off service as well as secure containers you can keep on-site so that your business and customers are always protected.

Joe McNeely
Joe McNeely
Great prices and very professional. Had two large boxes of documents and I felt very comfortable with the way they took them straight to the shred bin. Had gone to a big box office store in the past and when they set the box on the floor I was shocked.
Steve Arvin
Steve Arvin
No problems with these folks always professional
Bryana Wolf
Bryana Wolf
Great service and nice people.
Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon
Reached out online and had a response the next day! Very easy to get services setup and appreciate the flexibility. Highly recommend!
Yolanda Yarbrough
Yolanda Yarbrough
I’ve been a customer of RW Loan Star LLC for several of years. I can honestly say I am very pleased with the service I’ve received, even during the pandemic. Anytime I call Doug schedule onsite shredding and most of the time it’s “last minute” he accommodates us. He always ensures that we are taken care of. The guy/guys that come to our site are always fast, friendly, punctual and customer oriented. Prices aren’t too bad either! I highly recommend them for shredding services and will continue using them throughout my tenure with my local government entity.
City Giddings
City Giddings
RW Lone Star Security LLC is very professional. The comapny is always reliable. The workers are very nice and easy to work with. The job is always done fast and with high regards with the our needs. The office staff are great. The RW Lone Star Security LLC company has remarkable prices. The company keeps tabs on your services and check's in from time to time, which this shows they care. They can take care of all your business needs. Andrea Ray City Secretary
Claire McDaniels
Claire McDaniels
Exceptional company! Quick response times and excellent customer service!
Angela Davis
Angela Davis
By far the best on-site shredding company in Central Texas. Reliable, convenient, reasonably priced and great customer service. I have used them many times before and will continue to use them. Love RW Lonestar.
Jerrod Davis
Jerrod Davis
Great folks and great service. Reasonably priced and they took care of all the details.

Mobile Shredding Waco

RW Lone Star offers mobile shredding services in Waco and the surrounding areas. You can schedule daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly visits so that you never have to worry about the security of your business or customers. We will come to you to take care of your shredding needs, whether it’s for paper documents, employee identification badges, hard drives, or other media. We can come to you and take care of any shredding needs you may have.

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Hard Drive Destruction Waco

You can erase all of the information off of a hard drive, but unfortunately, the data can still be recovered. The only way to ensure that all of the sensitive information is safely delated is total destruction of the hard drive. RW Lone Star Security are the trusted experts in for hard drive destruction is Waco, TX.

RW Lone Star Security can completely destroy all of the sensitive data off of various types of digital media:

  • Credit Cards and Bank Cards
  • Removable Drives – Thumb and Jump Drives
  • Many Types of Hard Drives (Magnetic, rotational, and solid state)

Call Today and find out why businesses, health care facilities, and government agencies in Waco trust RW Lone Star Security with their secure product destruction, electronic media destruction, and hard drive destruction.

Shredding Companies in Waco, TX

Waco is the heartland of Texas. Located in the I-35 corridor between Dallas and Austin, Waco is a dynamic, vibrant city with loads of shopping, superb restaurants, and outdoor activities. From our cultural and historic district to our vibrant downtown, Waco is a city on the rise. Waco is the home of some unique museums, such as the Armstrong Browning Library or Martin Museum of Art. Of course, you cannot talk about Waco, TX without mentioning the Magnolia Market at the Silos, made famous by popular TV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines. The market is the location for many businesses including; Magnolia Market at the Silos, Magnolia Table, Magnolia Press, Silos Baking Co., The Little Shop on Bosque, and Magnolia Realty. RW Lone Security takes pride in being a veteran owned, local Waco business. We have earned our 5 Star Rating from our business partners through great customer care and a service that you can depend on.

Shredding companies in Waco are essential for companies with access to information that is sensitive or could expose customers to the risk of identity theft. If that information is mishandled, you or your business could incur large fines, lawsuits, or even lose your license. Industries particularly vulnerable include insurance companies, government services, hospitality services, legal firms, and health care companies. RW Lone Star protects your business and customers from security breaches and keeps you on the right side of the law.

One of the easiest ways for people to steal identities and other sensitive information, despite being in a digital day and age, is to find paper documents that are carelessly thrown in the trash. Hard drives that have been magnetically deleted are also vulnerable. Even old uniforms and training materials can be used against you. Trust RW Lone Star to make sure your business and customers are safe from identity theft and other security breaches.

Disposing of pertinent information is more than simply best practice, it’s the law. There are regulations specific to almost any industry, as well as state and federal laws regarding the handling and destruction of identifying information about both customers and employees. A simple paper thrown out by mistake might actually be breaking the law.

Let veteran-owned  RW Lone Star take care of your document shredding and security needs – Call today!

Paper Shredding Waco FAQ

Secure document destruction is the process of destroying documents that contain sensitive or confidential information. This is done to prevent unauthorized access to the information contained in the documents. The most common method of secure document destruction is shredding, which involves cutting the documents into small pieces so that they are unreadable. Other methods, such as burning or pulping, can also be used for secure document destruction. It is important to use a secure document destruction service that follows the guidelines set by federal and state regulations. This ensures that the documents are destroyed in a safe and secure manner and that the information in them is not accessed by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Shredding paper is an important part of protecting your personal and financial information. By shredding documents like bank statements, tax returns, and bills, you can make sure that your data is kept safe from those who might be looking to steal it. Another benefit of shredding paper is that it prevents identity theft. When you shred old documents that contain your personal information, you make it much harder for thieves to use that information to open fraudulent accounts or make purchases in your name. Finally, shredding paper also helps protect the environment by preventing that paper from ending up in a landfill. Shredding paper is an easy and effective way to protect your information and the environment.

Yes, shredded paper can be recycled! It is important to note, however, that it must be properly prepared before it can be recycled. Shredded paper needs to be placed in a paper bag or box before being placed in the recycling bin to ensure that it does not get scattered in the wind. Once it is collected by the recycling company, the shredded paper can be recycled in the same way as regular paper. It is important to make sure that any paper you are recycling is clean and free of contaminants like glue, tape, and staples. It is also important to make sure that the paper has not been contaminated with any non-paper materials like plastic. If you follow these steps, you will be able to properly recycle your shredded paper.

Shredding paper is one small but important way to help the environment. By shredding and recycling paper, you are reducing the amount of paper that ends up in landfills and helping conserve natural resources. Additionally, when paper is recycled, it is remade into other products like cardboard and tissue paper, which can then be reused or recycled again. This helps reduce our reliance on traditional raw materials like trees, which can take years to grow back. Because of this, many companies are now taking steps to reduce their paper usage and encourage their employees to use less paper and recycle more. Shredding your paper is just one of the many ways you can help the environment.