5 Unique And Affordable Family Activities In Austin, Texas


Are you looking for a way to get the family together and have some fun? Austin, Texas is an amazing city that has something for everyone. From outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking, to indoor attractions such as museums and arcades, it’s easy to find affordable things for the whole family to do in this […]

Servicing the Growing Austin Market

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For over a decade, RW Lone Star has been the top-rated secure paper shredding company in Austin. In that time, the Austin market has seen a lot of change, as well as a lot of unprecedented economic growth. In fact, the Austin metro area has the second-fastest-growing economy in the country. Most economists agree that […]

5 Reasons Why RW Lone Star Security is the Top Shredding Company in Central Texas

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Does your business handle documents that contain sensitive information? Whether it is private information about your company, your employees, or your customers, it is essential that these types of documents get properly destroyed once they become outdated or are no longer needed.  Simply tossing sensitive documents into a trash can or recycling bin leaves them […]

Why You Should Choose RW Lone Star for On-Site Paper Shredding

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How is your company disposing of outdated records and business documents? Are documents that contain sensitive or private information simply being thrown in the trash or into a recycle bin? Any documents that may contain private or propriety information should always be collected and destroyed by a certified shredding company. RW Lone Star Security is […]

Why Secure Product Destruction is Important for Your Business?

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What is Secure product Destruction? Secure product destruction is the process of destroying products  and branded company items so that they cannot be used or reproduced. These items can include key cards and ID badges, blueprints, outdated promotional materials, official packaging, and even uniforms.It is an important part of ensuring the security and confidentiality of your […]

Why a Recycling Bin Isn’t Enough

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Blue Recycling Bins are Not the Solution! It is commonplace to see blue recycling bins located throughout businesses in San Antonio, Austin, and all Central Texas. These bins are used to collect a variety of recyclable materials including cans, bottles, paper, and plastics. Although business documents are recyclable material, it is not advisable to use […]

Steps to Get Your Office Ready for 2022


With 2022 fast approaching, it is time to take some important steps to make sure that your office is ready for the new year. If you manage an office that has multiple workstations, or if you even work from a home office, there are key steps you can take to reduce your office clutter and […]

How Mobile Shredding Trucks Work

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Having regularly scheduled shredding service is one of the best ways that your company can prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. When your company chooses RW Lone Star Security as it’s secure shredding partner, you can count on all your confidential documents being destroyed properly to meet the highest industry standards. If […]

Shredding Services for Your Identity Protection Needs

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Identity protection has become a hot button issue over the past decade. Keeping private or sensitive information safe before and after it is destroyed is absolutely one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. There are a few options to choose from if your company is faced with the challenge of safely and securely disposing […]

What is On-Site Mobile Paper Shredding

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RW Lone Star Security offers a variety of solutions for destroying documents and media that contain sensitive or private information, but of all our services, we get the most questions about our On-Site Mobile Paper Shredding. Customers want to know what the difference between on-site mobile shredding is, compared to our regularly scheduled pickup service, […]