How Mobile Shredding Trucks Work

Having regularly scheduled shredding service is one of the best ways that your company can prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. When your company chooses RW Lone Star Security as it’s secure shredding partner, you can count on all your confidential documents being destroyed properly to meet the highest industry standards. If you choose our mobile shredding service, our trucks come directly to your place business and shred your documents on-site.  We also handle all the heavy lifting!

On-Site Mobile Shredding

Collecting all your discarded confidential documents and transporting them to a shredding location can be a time-consuming hassle. Our mobile shredding trucks provide an easy solution to this problem. Our mobile shredding trucks are a convenient solution, but they also provide the same high level of security that you will find in our large shredding facility. Our trucks are equipped with mechanical arms that lift and load your shedding bins into a high-capacity industrial shredder. Your documents are then shredded in front of your company representative. All the while our operator follows strict chain of custody procedures to ensure the complete security of your information.  

Large Shredding Jobs are No Problem

At RW Lone Star Security, we are used to handling shredding projects of any size. Our on-site mobile shredding trucks are equipped with the industries’ top line industrial shredders and can handle the heaviest of shredding jobs.  When you use RW Lone Star Security, we bring the capacity to shred thousands of pounds of paper directly to your doorstep. On-site mobile shredding service is available for one-time purge shreds or on-going regularly scheduled shredding. Not every business has the same shredding demands, but we will work with you to develop a shredding plan that will meet your needs.

Protect Your Confidential Information

Over the past decade, the protection of sensitive information has become one of the biggest challenges facing many companies.  Data breaches and identity theft are at an all-time high with no end in sight. When you choose RW Lone Star Security for your paper shredding and data destruction, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all your confidential documents have been properly destroyed and disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. No matter what industry your company is in, our procedures are designed to comply with the strictest industry chain of custody guidelines.  Some industries have unique document shredding requirements but rest assured that our professionals will guide you through the process.

Contact RW Lone Star Security today and find out why we are the top shredding company in Austin and its surrounding communities. We are also the most trusted for shredding services in San Antonio and local shredding choice in Waco. RW Lone Star is proud to be a Texas owned company, serving the paper shredding needs of our business partners.

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