How to Choose a Paper Shredding Company

Data privacy and the protection of sensitive information has become one of the major issues facing businesses in the past decade. For businesses of all industries, protecting sensitive information has become one of their primary priorities. Though it is imperative for any business to have a cyber security plan, it is equally as important to also have a plan to securely manage any physical files that may contain sensitive information. In fact, paper documents are still the number one target of many data thieves.

An alarming statistic is that since 2017, 64% of all data breaches were the direct result of human error. What does this mean? Well, in many cases it is a situation of employees putting sensitive information at risk to do either lack of training or a lack of a plan to properly dispose of documents properly. Working with a certified, professional document shredding and disposal company is a great way to ensure that all of your company’s sensitive information is disposed of properly and by accordance of state and industry privacy laws.

Austin, TX is a large market and there are a few options to choose from in the secure document destruction industry. Do your research and make an informed choice when choosing a solution for paper shredding in Austin. When considering using a professional paper shredding company, here are some important things to look for.


1. A Complete Understanding of Data Compliance Laws

There currently is not one comprehensive national data privacy law, but most industries do have their own security and privacy regulations. When choosing a local shredding company be sure that they understand your industries privacy regulations and have experience working within those regulations. From legal, healthcare, financial, or real estate, understanding the details of the privacy regulations and their significance is crucial.


2. Proper Hiring Practices and Training of Employees

Handling your company’s sensitive information is a big responsibility. Enquire about your document shredding service provider’s hiring practices. Do they complete extensive background checks on their employees, and do they receive the proper training to handle sensitive information in compliance with industry regulations? Are they a local company that hires people from the local community that understand the needs of local businesses?


3. Proper Certification

NAID® certification is the industry standard for secure document destruction. Make sure that your shredding company carries NAID AAA certification. Because proper handling of your company’s sensitive information is critical, it is important to know that your shredding vendor is validated and trusted.


4. Secure Process

From start to finish the process of shredding documents and any other sensitive information should be completely secure. A secure chain of custody from collection to destruction must be established and adhered to. This would include the placement of sensitive materials into secure bins for transport to on-site or off-site shredding equipment. In addition, access to the shredding equipment should be limited to the professionals conducting the service to ensure that all of the information is protected throughout the entire destruction process.


5. Certificate of Destruction

For proof that your sensitive records were destroyed, a shredding company needs to provide you with a certificate of destruction once the job is fully completed. This record will help protect your company in case of an audit and will show proof that your sensitive information was properly destroyed.


6. Service Options that Fit Your Needs

When choosing a shredding company make sure that they have flexible service options that fit the needs of your company. Your needs may go beyond secure document destruction and paper shredding and may include services such as hard drive destruction or document scanning. Depending on the size of your company, you may need on-site mobile shredding or off-site shredding.


7. Commitment to Recycling

Confirm that your recycling company recycles the waste from shredded documents and any e-waste from electronic devices and hard drives. It’s just one more step in making sure that your company has a positive effect on the local environment.


8. Reputation in the Local Business Community

Before choosing a shredding company, do your research and look into their reputation in the local community. Make sure that they have a good track record of service and are well established. Ask them to provide references and take a look at their company’s mission to make sure that their goals and visions are in alignment with yours.



Why RW Lone Star Security is the right choice for paper shredding in Austin.

If you are looking for a local paper shredding company that checks fits all of the requirements mentioned above, the RW Lone Star is your solution. RW Lone Star is proud to be the top choice in Central Texas for document shredding and hard drive destruction. We offer paper shredding services in San Antonio through the Waco corridor and the surrounding communities. We have extensive knowledge of all major industry privacy laws and you can trust us to ensure your sensitive information will be destroyed securely. We are a Texas based business and we provide many flexible options to fit your company’s needs.

RW Lone Star Security is a CVE Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and NAID Certified for On-Site Mobile Shredding to include Paper/Printed Media, Computer Hard Drives and Non-Paper Media, Data Tape, CD/DVD media, and have been servicing both government agencies and private companies of all sizes now for over 12+ years.

Our goals are simplistic; to operate our services with the security and privacy our clients expect and to give you accurate assurances, on retaining our services, at the forefront of best practices.