How to Handle Shredding When Working from Home

While many are working from home to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, classified documents and critical information are moving to homes as well. No matter where you’re working, it remains necessary to responsibly destroy any documents in your possession that contain sensitive information. That’s why we at RW Lone Star are dedicated to bringing our services to you. We provide the professional document shredding Austin, Waco, San Antonio, and central Texas businesses need.

Why Destroy Your Documents at Home?

If you’re handling all your documents at home, you might not think that it’s as important to securely destroy all your sensitive data as it would be in the office. However, no matter where you are, the mishandling of sensitive information and confidential documents is one of the biggest sources of identity theft and security breaches. If you simply throw a document away in your trash can, it’s left vulnerable and open for anyone to take. Whether it’s a contract or a resume, any document with personal or confidential information can be used against you in the wrong hands.

A personal shredder in your home office is a good start, but it is not the most secure option. Even after shredding, you will still have the document’s pieces in your possession and will have to dispose of them yourself. For dedicated identity thieves, this is still a wide-open opportunity for theft. Hence, professional shredding is the safest option to secure your sensitive info, even when you’re working from home. Dedicated document security and destruction companies can destroy your data completely and safely, and then give you an official Certificate of Destruction, which many industries require to prove that your information has indeed been destroyed.

Trustworthy Document Shredding

How do you get access to professional document shredding if you’re working from home? At RW Lone Star, we’re proud to be a leader in shredding companies in San Antonio TX and other areas by offering mobile shredding options, which can help secure your data wherever you are.

Mobile shredding couldn’t be simpler. Schedule a time with RW Lonestar to arrive at your home office with a shredding truck to take the documents that need to be destroyed. We then securely shred and destroy your sensitive information, and at the end of the brief process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction for documentation.

If you don’t want a shredding truck to come to your home office, RW Lone Star also offers drop-off shredding services at our locations. Simply visit one of our locations around the Central Texas area and use the on-site facilities to drop off your items for destruction. This is a smart and economical choice if you only need occasional shredding services or have a smaller amount of data that needs destruction. This is also a safe option for social distancing, as no interpersonal interaction is required.

Why Texas Trusts RW Lone Star

We’re a veteran-run company of industry specialists who take pride in protecting your data. From digital hard drives to physical papers, we have years of experience in protecting companies from information breaches. We are passionate about helping you keep your business secure in a way that works for you. We provide document shredding Waco TX, and the rest of central Texas can depend on.

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We make the document shredding process simple, even when working from home. Whether you need small-scale mobile shredding or want to visit us directly, we can help you decide the best ways to proceed. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile shredding service and how we can keep your information safe, no matter where you’re working from.