RW Lone Star provides a host of security services in Austin, TX, including paper shredding, document shredding, mobile shredding, and hard drive and media destruction. RW Lone Star can help your business stay safe and compliant, and we take pride in our work; you can rest easy knowing that your documents, media, and hard drives are safely destroyed. 

Paper Shredding Service Austin

Whatever it is you are shredding, RW Lone Star is here to help. RW Lone Star is a veteran-owned company, and integrity is incredibly important to us. If you have a security breach at your company, you will not only lose new business but also the trust of your current customers. RW Lone Star shreds your paper documents and recycles them, so you never have to worry about staying compliant or losing important data.

Document Shredding Austin

When it comes to sensitive data, you don’t want to hang on to old documents. One of the easiest ways for any company to have a security breach is by the often forgotten, low tech, paper documents. Employees mishandling documents or throwing them away accounts for millions of dollars in losses from identity theft each year. Make sure your employees know how to properly handle and dispose of documents. RW Lone Star offers secure containers so that you can make sure that your business and customers are safe from security breaches and identity theft.

Mobile Shredding Austin, TX

RW Lone Star’s mobile shredding services mean that you don’t even have to leave your office to stay on top of your business’ security. We can make scheduled visits daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly so that you never have to think about making an appointment or stopping in. If you have a smaller number of documents, hard drives, sensitive material such as employee badges, or other media, we will happily come by and take care of them.

Shredding Austin

Shredding services are especially important for industries with access to a lot of sensitive information that if lost to the wrong hands, could result in hefty fines, penalties, a lawsuit, or even the loss of a license. These industries include health care, insurance companies, education, government services, legal firms, and hospitality.

Protect your business from one of the most common information breaches, due to mishandling of paper documents, not disposing of an old hard drive properly, or throwing out uniforms or other media that may be able to be used against you. Everything from resumes and job applications to medical records could potentially result in identity theft or worse.

Shredding sensitive documents isn’t just best practice for businesses, it’s the law. In addition to industry-specific rules and regulations, state and federal laws are clear that there are rules in place for the handling, distribution, and destruction of personal information from employees and customers. If you are caught mishandling sensitive information, it could quickly go from making a mistake to breaking the law.

If you have any shredding needs, whether it’s paper or something else, call RW Lone Star today!

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