RW Lone Star is a veteran-owned security company, offering paper shredding, and document shredding, hard drive and media destruction, and many other services in Waco, TX. RW Lone Star will make sure your sensitive documents are safely destroyed and recycled so that you know that your company is staying legal, compliant, and safe. 

Paper Shredding Waco

RW Lone Star’s top priorities are compliance, integrity, and customer satisfaction. RW Lone Star is able to shred and destroy any documents or other items that could compromise your business or your customers’ privacy. If you experience data loss that  results in a security breach, you will lose the trust of your current customers and the business of new customers. At RW Lone Star we recycle any end products we are able to and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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Shredding Services Waco

Security breaches often happen because of employees mishandling paper documents due to negligence or improper training. Something as simple as a piece of paper being thrown in the trash instead of being shredded and destroyed can cost your business thousands of dollars, not to mention the risk to your customers due to identity theft. RW Lone Star has a drop off service as well as secure containers you can keep on-site so that your business and customers are always protected.

Mobile Shredding Waco

RW Lone Star offers mobile shredding services in Waco and the surrounding areas. You can schedule daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly visits so that you never have to worry about the security of your business or customers. We will come to you to take care of your shredding needs, whether it’s for paper documents, employee identification badges, hard drives, or other media. We can come to you and take care of any shredding needs you may have.

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Shredding Companies in Waco, TX

Shredding companies in Waco are essential for companies with access to information that is sensitive or could expose customers to the risk of identity theft. If that information is mishandled, you or your business could incur large fines, lawsuits, or even lose your license. Industries particularly vulnerable include insurance companies, government services, hospitality services, legal firms, and health care companies. RW Lone Star protects your business and customers from security breaches and keeps you on the right side of the law.

One of the easiest ways for people to steal identities and other sensitive information, despite being in a digital day and age, is to find paper documents that are carelessly thrown in the trash. Hard drives that have been magnetically deleted are also vulnerable. Even old uniforms and training materials can be used against you. Trust RW Lone Star to make sure your business and customers are safe from identity theft and other security breaches.

Disposing of pertinent information is more than simply best practice, it’s the law. There are regulations specific to almost any industry, as well as state and federal laws regarding the handling and destruction of identifying information about both customers and employees. A simple paper thrown out by mistake might actually be breaking the law.

Let veteran-owned  RW Lone Star take care of your shredding and security needs – Call today!

Our comprehensive document management systems cover these areas:

Drop Off Shredding

Some companies prefer to come to our physical location to drop off documents and items to be shredded or destroyed.

On-demand Shredding

Smaller businesses may not need regular shredding services, but instead, prefer to call RW Lone Star when they have enough documents to warrant a shredding service.

Hard drive destruction

Many businesses don't realize that deleted information on hard drives can be recovered if the hard drive itself is not destroyed.

Specialty Shredding

Sensitive data and information are not limited to paper or electronic media. There are many forms of proprietary information.

Physical Storage

We provide secure collection carts and consoles for your organization to store documents or devices that contain sensitive information until you drop it off to us or we come to your location to properly and securely dispose of it.

Document Scanning

If you need a digital record of your documents, RW Lone Star offers document scanning services to keep your business up to date in the digital age.

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