protect from data breach

In the wrong hands, the information and data
on your computer can result in severe consequences for your finances and your
personal life. RW Lone Star performs professional shredding services San Antonio residents and
businesses use to destroy potentially incriminating or harmful physical and
digital personal information.

Data breaches accidentally or deliberately
expose sensitive, confidential, personal, protected information to those who
can use the information for a wide range of purposes without permission or

Ways Data Breaches Happen

Regardless of whether the data breach results
from a mistake or intentional acts, the information can be used to sell it to
those who seek to make money or cause harm to you or your business.

As data breaches have become more commonplace,
it is easier for authorities to follow the patterns and methods that show
malicious intent to target companies or individuals. It can take a lot of time
and planning as malicious actors plot and research their victim's security
vulnerabilities. When weak points are identified and campaigns are instituted
to coach users to download malware or use other means to access the computer
network. Once inside the system, they are free to look around and steal what
they need to succeed in their efforts to take money or destroy lives.

Common ways data breaches occur include:

Stolen Credentials

Most data breaches happen when malicious
personnel access stolen or weak access credentials. Once the correct user name
and password combination is discovered, the door is open to the computer
network. Reusing the same passwords for different accounts allows
cybercriminals to access your email, websites, bank accounts, and other forms
of personal or financial information.

Compromised Assets

Malware attacks are designed to bypass
standard steps for system authorization safeguards that are in place to protect
the computer and its data.

Credit Card Fraud

Card skimmers that easily attach to gas pumps
or ATMs can capture and store credit card information stored in the card’s
magnetic strip when a card is swiped.

Third-Party Access

Even if you do everything you can do to
protect your computer system from a data breach, third-party vendors still can
leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals who can make their way to your data
through their access.

Mobile Access

Personal cell phones and other mobile devices
that have downloaded malware-laden apps will give hackers a chance to access
any work or business-related data that is on your phone or tablet.

Why Choose RW Lone Star?

From physical paper shredding to digital hard
drive destruction RW Lone Star performs safe and secure data destruction to
guard against data breaches and other forms of stolen personal, sensitive
personal or business information.  An
impressive team of industry specialists performs a wide range of shredding and
data destruction services to keep you and your business information out of the
hands of cybercriminals.

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