Steps to Get Your Office Ready for 2022

With 2022 fast approaching, it is time to take some important steps to make sure that your office is ready for the new year. If you manage an office that has multiple workstations, or if you even work from a home office, there are key steps you can take to reduce your office clutter and maintain the security of your private information. Get a jump start on the new year by making sure your office ready to get working!

Budget Considerations

The end of the year is a an important time to review the financial health of your business and to take time to get your accounts in order and go over records. Running financial reports such as a profit and loss report, balance sheets, and cash flow statements can also give you vital information to help structure your budget for 2022.

Running these reports can help identify areas where your company can save money, consolidate services, or otherwise improve your bottom line. An important element to consider in your yearly budget is recurring shredding service if your business handles hard copy paper documents that contain private information. Protection of private information from identity thieves has become one of the biggest issues facing business owners in the past decade.

Keep in mind that the cost to recover the damage caused by a data breach is far more than the cost of ensuring that your private information is securely destroyed.

Securely Destroy Old Files

One of the biggest potential security risks for businesses is the existence of outdated documents that contain private information. These documents can pile up fast. Not only is it unsafe to keep outdated documents that contain sensitive information, but it can also create annoying clutter that can affect office productivity. Any documents that contain financial information, customer information, or proprietary information should be considered confidential and should be securely shredded.

Properly Destroy Company Products

Documents that contain private information are not only thing your company needs to properly destroy. Other material that you would not like to fall into the wrong hands could include uniforms, ID badges, and product packaging. A secure product shredding service will protect your company and make sure that all these items are safely destroyed. Don’t forget other items such as office key cards and outdated computer drives. Simply erasing the data off of these items is not enough to ensure that they cannot be used for illicit purposes. Scheduling a hard drive destruction service is the best way to ensure that your sensitive data is protected.

What Items Should I shred?

It is important to understand what items your company should shred, and which items your company should retain indefinitely. Some items, such as tax returns and bank statements, should be held for at least up to seven years. Other important items such as paystubs, ATM receipts, and bills should be shredded as soon as possible. However, as a rule, employment records, insurance policies, legal documents, and retirement plan contributions should be held indefinitely in a secure location.

Start 2022 strong! Find out how RW Lone Star Security can help your office clear the clutter and help you plan for a successful new year. Whether you need regularly scheduled shredding service, purge shredding, or a quick drop off shredding service, we have a solution to fit your needs. Contact us today and find out why we are the number one locally owned shredding service provider in Central TX. Our team provides secure paper shredding service in Austin, and the entire San Antonio to Waco corridor.  

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