The Importance of Shredding Your Documents

Shredding personal or business documents and information is an essential step in protecting your identity and the identity of your customers, as well as protecting your business. So it is crucial to find a shredding company that takes destroying sensitive information seriously.

Legal Compliance for Your Business

Depending on the type of company you own or work for, there are different laws regarding document destruction. If you or your employees don’t dispose of information and documents properly, you may find yourself responsible for not only identity theft or fraud, but also legal issues.

At RW Lone Star Security, we can come out as often as needed in order to keep your business on the right side of the law.  In addition, we have secure collection carts and consoles for temporary storage, so you never have to worry about an accident resulting in information theft.


Protection Against Identity Theft

While it is important to destroy hard drives and media, some businesses overlooked shredding sensitive information – an easy way for criminals to commit identity theft. Identity theft can be devastating for not only your customers but also your business and reputation. By doing something as simple as creating a system for disposing of sensitive documents and information, you are preventing one of the most common methods criminals use to steal data.

Bills, applications, forms clients have filled out, financial statements, even training materials can all be used in nefarious ways. By utilizing a regular shredding service and having a system in place for disposing of documents and other sensitive materials, you can protect your patrons, your business, and yourself.

RW Lone Star Security offers locked waste containers for documents that have information that may be used to commit fraud or identity theft; we come on your schedule to shred and dispose of the documents in the containers. RW Lone Star Security are the trusted local shredding company for hard drive destruction and paper shredding Austin as well as hard drive destruction and paper shredding San Antonio.


Keeping the Office Clean and Green

Stacks of paper or boxes can be unsightly and even create a fire hazard. Sometimes offices assign the arduous task of shredding hundreds or even thousands of files. This quickly becomes expensive since it requires an initial investment for the equipment, the additional step of bringing it to the recycling center, and causing employees to get burnt out. Save money and time by calling RW Lone Star Security instead. We will pick up your documents and materials, shred them, and safely dispose of them, recycling anything that we are able.

By recycling the shredded documents instead of putting them in a landfill, you are utilizing greener practices, and contributing to protecting the environment.


Reliable, Guaranteed Data Destruction

RW Lone Star Security provides fast, reliable, and confidential services. We are veteran owned and operated, and value our reputation and integrity – customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide everything from document shredding, to media and hard drive destruction, to scanning documents before disposal. Call us today to schedule a one-time service or ongoing appointments.