What is On-Site Mobile Paper Shredding

RW Lone Star Security offers a variety of solutions for destroying documents and media that contain sensitive or private information, but of all our services, we get the most questions about our On-Site Mobile Paper Shredding. Customers want to know what the difference between on-site mobile shredding is, compared to our regularly scheduled pickup service, purge shredding, or drop-off shredding. Also, is on-site mobile shredding the right solution for your company and if so, what special storage containers and equipment will we need ensure the security of our private documents.

So What is On-Site Mobile Shredding?

On-Site Mobile Shredding is a process that involves a shredding professional coming to your business in a secure shredding truck to collect and shred documents on your business premises in front of one of your company’s representatives.  This is regularly schedule service that is completely hassle-free, because we do all the work.

First step is to contact us for a quote and to discuss your service needs. Next, RW Lone Star Security will provide your business with secure, locked shredding bins where you will store all the paper documents that you want to be destroyed. On the schedule date, one of our fully background checked security professionals will come to your business and transfer the shredding bins to our mobile shredding truck where you or a representative from your company can watch them being shredded. You will then receive a certificate of destruction to save for your records to show that all your sensitive documents were destroyed per industry regulations.

On-site mobile shredding is the most hassle-free form of document shredding that also provides the highest level of securing and peace of mind because you get the satisfaction of seeing your documents being destroyed in person. You eliminate any need for lifting heavy boxes or driving to our location.

The On-Site Mobile Shredding Process is Simple!

What Other Shredding Services May Work For You

Off-Site Shredding

In off-site paper shredding, our service professional comes to your business and collects your discarded paper documents in a secure bin and transfers them to our shedding location for destruction. In this process, the shredding of the paper is recorded on camera. Once completed, a certificate of destruction is presented to you for your records. This solution is often more affordable than on-site document shredding because our truck does not have to spend as much time at your location.

Dop-Off Shredding

Drop-off shredding is process where you collect all your discarded paper and bring it to our shredding facility. Paper can be brought to us in boxes, bags, or bins. The standard cost for drop-off shredding is $5 per 30lb box. This is usually the most affordable option because you save on any transfer charges. However, this process has the added hassle of requiring you to collect and deliver your paper.

RW Lone Star Security has been the trusted document shredding experts in central Texas for 14+ years. We serve all of the major cities in the Waco – San Antonio corridor as well as their surrounding communities. We are a Texas based company and the top solution for document shredding in San Antonio as well as paper shredding services in Austin, Temple, and Waco.