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Why a Recycling Bin Isn’t Enough

Blue Recycling Bins are Not the Solution!

It is commonplace to see blue recycling bins located throughout businesses in San Antonio, Austin, and all Central Texas. These bins are used to collect a variety of recyclable materials including cans, bottles, paper, and plastics. Although business documents are recyclable material, it is not advisable to use these bins to dispose of any documents that may contain private information.

The Security Risk

Most businesses generate a substantial amount of paper documents in the typical business day. Even offices that attempt to operate on a “paperless” system still generate a certain amount of paper waste. In most cases, producing paper hard copy records is simply unavoidable. Much of these documents contain private information pertaining to employees, customers, internal strategy, or your competition. Discarding documents such as these in the trash or in a blue recycling bin can be very risky as it leaves this information vulnerable to identity thieves or bad doers looking to hurt the reputation of your business or do your business financial harm.

You would never want unidentified people outside of your company to know specific information about your profit, your margins, your strategy, or your strategic business plans. However, by simply discarding business documents into a recycling bin, you are making your private business information available to the public. Sifting through trash is one of the easiest ways for identity thieves to get access to private information.

Secure Collection Bins

Because it can get confusing for employees to determine what business documents are safe and not safe to discard in blue recycling bins, many businesses in Central Texas have all together eliminated blue recycling bins for paper waste and replaced them with locked document collection bins. Though the blue recycling bins are still a very good thing to provide for employees to dispose their cans and plastics into, locked collection bins provide the necessary security to keep your business information confidential.

Secure, locked paper storage containers are a typical service offered by professional document destruction companies. The storage bins are kept locked until a representative from the paper shredding company collects the documents for secure destruction. At RW Lone Star Security, we will work with you to setup of a collection schedule and shredding date that fits your company’s unique needs. The amount of secure collection bins we provide, and the frequency of collection is based on the estimated amount of paper waste that your company generates.  

The Secure Solution

At the end of every shredding service, RW Lone Star will provide you with a “certificate of destruction”. This is an important document for your records to prove that your company disposed of sensitive and private information in accordance with state and industry guidelines.

RW Lone Star is a locally owned business and is the top choice for document shredding in Austin as well as the most trusted paper shredding services company in San Antonio and Central Texas. Contact us today to get a free estimate. Our services include mobile shredding, off-site shredding, drop-off paper shredding, as well as data drive destruction and product destruction. Our staff will work with you to develop a secure shredding plan that works.

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